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Agile UML?

Can UML be used for Agile methodologies?

As someone who cut my BA teeth on UML (Unified Modelling Language), I have traditionally been very biased towards using it as a means to document business – and functional requirements. Not that I do not believe that there are not very good alternative documenting methods out there… but simply because I’ve had great results in using it as a comprehensive and standardised method of modelling requirements. Continue reading


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Why does the world need Business Analysts?

– An Introduction to Business Analysis

What is Business Analysis?

Okay – so you have heard the term “business analysis” thrown around quite a lot and you were wondering what it means exactly. You popped it into Google and were flooded with millions of results on the term.

This article will give you a very high-level introduction to the basics of what Business Analysis means in the context of how it is described in the following two definitions: Continue reading

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