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Clarity creates POWER!

Try finding your way in a blizzard…not an easy feat!

Have you ever noticed how much time is spent talking about how to approach a task, a project or a problem at the clients where you serve or at the companies where you work on? I don’t necessarily mean devising a strategy….I mean the kind of discussion that leads to arguments about what is actually on the table. Where if you speak to 5 people, you get 5 differing ideas on what they believe needs to be achieved or how to achieve it. Where there is just utter confusion around the WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHO…

I’m sure you would have noticed a significant amount of time and money being spent on this? Continue reading


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The value of traceability…

Remember the fairy tale of Hansel & Gretel? Hansel had a plan to keep them from getting lost in the woods, by leaving breadcrumbs in order for them to trace their way back later. Unfortunately the breadcrumbs were eaten by the birds and they got horribly lost.

How often I wonder do we get lost during software development projects, because we use a “breadcrumb” approach to keep track of what we are developing and why…

How important is it to keep track of requirements throughout a software development  life cycle? Continue reading

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Activity Diagramme Case Study…”How Business Analysis can drive you crazy…”

Hey fellow- Business Analysts….Have you ever felt like this ? [Forgive the semantically incorrect UML 🙂 ]


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Agile UML?

Can UML be used for Agile methodologies?

As someone who cut my BA teeth on UML (Unified Modelling Language), I have traditionally been very biased towards using it as a means to document business – and functional requirements. Not that I do not believe that there are not very good alternative documenting methods out there… but simply because I’ve had great results in using it as a comprehensive and standardised method of modelling requirements. Continue reading

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Why does the world need Business Analysts?

– An Introduction to Business Analysis

What is Business Analysis?

Okay – so you have heard the term “business analysis” thrown around quite a lot and you were wondering what it means exactly. You popped it into Google and were flooded with millions of results on the term.

This article will give you a very high-level introduction to the basics of what Business Analysis means in the context of how it is described in the following two definitions: Continue reading

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